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Spanglish Lessons

Spanglish 1 to 1 Spanish and English lessons with qualified, native and experienced teachers.
Lessons are online and in-person, these last one hour each and focus on your language objectives i.e. travelling to Spain or South America or getting ready for an exam or an interview. The lessons are time flexible so you can schedule whenever it is convenient for you and for the teacher, who normally has plenty options in the afternoon and evening.

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Learning: Team
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Spanish & English Teacher

I am a Spanish/English/French teacher from Bogota, Colombia. I studied languages and culture with a double degree in fine arts. I have experience working with adults and children and my classes are based on communication and intercultural interaction. I like to know my students so I can understand their interests and create personalised classes for them. My lessons are a safe place where students feel comfortable and motivated to achieve their goals in Spanish. Finally, I love playing tennis, painting and drawing with watercolours and oils, I am passionate about art history, cultural heritage and am a huge fan of anime and manga.​


Spanish & English Teacher

I'm 27 years old. If I had to describe myself as a teacher I would say I am pretty much dynamic and resourceful. I take my time to get to know my students to develop a lesson plan about their interests and preferences. Apart from teaching, I also love sports. I am a big football fan I watch most of the season games from time to time. I enjoy taking walks and see nature and animals - I am amazed by them.

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Spanish Teacher - Film Club Host

Native Spanish teacher from Colombia, currently living in Bogotá.
I started teaching in 2017 and have experience with adults of all levels. My methodology is based on the communicative approach and the classes are very dynamic and learner-centred.
Besides teaching, I enjoy sports like climbing, hiking, camping and arts like literature, movies, and music.


Film Club Host

Soy artista visual y disfruto la expresión audiovisual y plástica. Tengo un fuerte acercamiento al cine y los planteamientos frente al tiempo, montaje y el análisis de la narrativa y composición cinematográfica. Me gusta la cerámica, la fotografía y la experimentación de sus procesos análogos.



English Teacher

 I am English and an English teacher from the UK, I went to school in Bristol, England and have lived in London, England for ten years. 

I am TEFL trained and I finished a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Central St Martins London with a 1st class Honours. 

I am an actress as well as a teacher of English and therefore can combine my love and skills of the two professions to create fun and informative classes.

My classes are relaxed and welcoming, helping you with everything from grammar, pronunciation to cultural references.

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